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Teen Brain Power

  • Your body & your period

    You’ve got a lot going on biologically. It’s all being set in motion by your pituitary gland, which is teaming up with your pulsing hypothalamic cells to push your ovaries into action. This is what starts your period, when you’ll experience a number of estrogen and progesterone surges and drops. (There’s a great graphic about this on pg. 33 in “The Female Brain.”) These surges are the driving factors behind your mood, which has a lot to do with your self-esteem and how you relate to others. Equipping yourself with knowledge about how these fluctuations work can help you predict some of your behaviors and cope. Keep some of these things in mind:... continue reading

  • Your Guys

    The experience you are having growing up as a girl isn’t the same for guys. You’re fueled by estrogen and he’s fueled by testosterone. Another important thing to remember is that the female brain, on average, matures two to three years earlier than the male brain. (That may be why during freshman year you might find yourself losing interest in guy pals your own age and lusting after seniors!) ... continue reading

  • Your Friends

    Your brain’s way of coping with all the hormonal stress you’re under comes from your happiness hormone, called oxytocin. A rush of oxytocin is the brain’s biggest neurological reward, and for teen girls nothing is more rewarding than connecting with friends. So the next time your mom asks why you won’t stop text messaging your bff or a guy asks why you and your ladies are all heading to the bathroom together, say you need an Oxytocin Fix. As I said before, however, you’re a little sensitive to other people’s opinion right now, which means friends can be a double-edged sword. Keep in mind these things about how you interact with your girls:... continue reading

  • Your Family

    It probably gets old to hear that your parents are perplexed by your stereotypical “teenage behaviors,” because you still love them. You just have your own life going now, which is really what’s at the core of family dynamics during this transitional period. Your brain is preparing you to become independent and make your own decisions, but until you get used to your new maturity there’s going to be some tension in the family ranks. (And, frankly, for the rest of your lives. Parents never stop worrying about or lovingly meddling with their kids.) ... continue reading

  • Your Goals

    The female brain is a dynamic, capable entity. Your female brain can take you anywhere you want to go, whatever you determine your priorities to be. You may want to go to a top-ranked college or travel the world. You may want to be the first female president, or you may want to be a stay-at-home mom. Whatever your objective, as you go through life your brain power will be your greatest asset: a gut instinct, a decision maker, a way to connect with others. It may be confusing now as you start to experience emotions more intensely, but remember that equipped with the right knowledge you can manage what’s happening... continue reading

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