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The Female Brain


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TED talk DR Louann Brizendine THE FEMALE BRAIN

Posted on August 10, 2015 at 4:44pm


The Female Brain, by Louann Brizendine

"In the spirit of a little peace, love, and understanding, guys need to read this book, which focuses on which parts of the female brain fire during what activities, and on the effects of hormones like progesterone,…


Posted on September 28, 2012 at 7:30pm

Comment Wall (37 comments)

At 9:35pm on February 21, 2011, Lisa Fiorvante said…

The Mating Brain: Love and Lust


Both books, The Female Brain and The Male Brain are such great reads, especially for couples in relationships! Each book helps to explain the different wants/needs of men & women in a rational, unbiased manner. I've learned so much through your books, I've used them countless times in papers & I'm always referencing back to different chapters.


Thank you so much for writing these books!

At 9:40pm on February 22, 2011, Carolyn Hastie said…

Good to meet you Louann. I can see I'm going to enjoy reading your books!

warm regards, Carolyn

At 10:11pm on February 22, 2011, Peter S. Lopez said…
Gracias Dr. Louann ~ I am having fun now. Need to do more writing. I believe your area of expertise is sorely needed by people to help us all understand why we are the way we are in terms of our brains and all that is in connected reality.
~ Namaste, Peter
At 10:27pm on February 22, 2011, Morgan Brizendine said…
I absolutely love the color theme and think it is cool these colors are the same as The Female Brain book!  There is so much information on here I can see how fans could easily lose track of time.  You have some pretty fabulous pictures in there and a great layout for this website.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!  Love you
At 9:30am on February 24, 2011, Amy Nguyen said…

Oh, I love school snow days, gives me time to be here instead of discussing dead white guys, LOL!

Hmm, what to add to this site? How about visuals? In one of your presentations, you mentioned a concern about people being intimidated by the word "brain" in the title ... I have to say, those slides depicting the chocolate center, etc. are very accessible! Also, what made me march"The Female Brain" to the bookstore cashier was the table at the beginning of the book that charted a woman's lifespan (perhaps that is giving away too much info, though?) Something interactive: flashcards, a what do you think you know quiz...links to related works?

At 8:08am on February 27, 2011, Amy Nguyen said…
Yes, a board game is even better!
At 8:25pm on March 6, 2011, Kaylene Jewell said…
Thank you for welcoming me Louann.  I've purchased the two books both electronically and in hardcopy so I can lend them to my friends and other interested bodies when necessary. I have a 12yr girl (who is driving me BONKERS) and a 14yr boy (my beautiful angel); these books will be invaluable to my understanding of them both. Am half way through The Female Brain, can't wait to finish the other one too.  Kaylene
At 8:55pm on March 8, 2011, mary sherman said…

Hi Louann,

I think the site is brilliantly interactive, very easy to use, upbeat and physically appealing. I feel that these books are a great gift for all of us as they lead us to better understanding of ourselves and others. I love the video clips and blog.

Love, Mary

At 6:44pm on March 13, 2011, LOUANN BRIZENDINE added a gift to their profile…
Hi Louann and thanks for participating, it's great to have you here!! I hope you are enjoying the Dr Louann author of The Female Brain site. have a great week, Louann
At 8:10pm on March 13, 2011, Joel Slater gave LOUANN BRIZENDINE a gift
At 3:01am on March 14, 2011, KIRK MCMORRIS gave LOUANN BRIZENDINE a gift
At 1:46pm on March 17, 2011, Barbara L. Schultz said…
Hi Louann...Thanks for your gift and warm welcome. So the first of many questions related to reading your wonderful books: In TMB you detail genetic elements related to the long and short versions of the vasopressin receptor genes as indicators of male proclivity toward monogamy or non-monogamy. In addition to what you discuss in TFB ("The Biology of Female Infidelity'), are there any elements in the female genetic structure that are akin to these indicators in the male genetic structure? Thanks!
At 7:32pm on March 18, 2011, Elijah Hamilton said…
Thanks Louann!  Happy to be on here
At 1:59pm on March 19, 2011, Nancy Gail said…
Loved The Male Brain, too. The info in The Female Brain was revolutionary, though. As the French say, vive la différence!
At 6:26pm on March 21, 2011, Jeanne Mitchell said…
Thank you for the note...I can't wait to read both books.They will be SO helpful not only in close relationships, but also in relating to people I assist in business.
At 1:06pm on April 2, 2011, Greg Marcinko said…

Hi Louann,

I also loved The Male Brain and I must admit you got it perfect when describing things a man goes through in his life. I highly recommend both books to my friends to help with the understanding of the real differences between men and women. I know both books have helped me immensely!




At 1:27pm on April 2, 2011, Jannike Nordensson said…
Hi Louann! I'm sure I willl. Love your books and are using them as references in my book about stepfamilies.
At 12:11am on April 11, 2011, Beverly Keyes Taylor gave LOUANN BRIZENDINE a gift
Love your work! I met you in Modesto weeks ago. I will teach a day class in Brain Chemistry at the National Guild of Hypnotists August convention, first time for a full day on this at the conference!
At 9:13pm on April 11, 2011, Margie Freeman said…
Thanks, Louann, for your warm welcome. I don't know how often I'll have a chance to particpate, but it's nice to be connected with what you are doing.
At 4:32pm on April 12, 2011, Sara Hassan said…
Thank you Louanne, I look forward to keeping in touch! :)

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