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TONITE Please come hear me interview author of MOTHER, DAUGHTER, ME Katie Hafner 5:30 at SF Commonwealth Club

TONITE: Come hear me interview author of MOTHER, DAUGHTER, ME Katie Hafner 5:30 @cwclub San Francisco. Hope to see you there! Louann

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The MOMS Program is now the PARENTS PROGRAM ! How could I have forgotten DADS??

You may ask why the name change? Having done research on both the Moms Brain and the Dads Brain I realized that by calling it the moms program I was excluding dads and other parents, SO, to explicitly include all you daddy brains and other parents who are devoted to and love your children, I have changed the name to PARENTS PROGRAM. The pilot year of the program will begin July 2013-14 and the full program will launch July 2014. For more information or to volunteer or attend our UCSF…


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hormonal changes in fatherhood

Dear Dr Louann Brezendine,
This was a too short notice ;-) to visit the discussion in Palo Alto maybe there will be a recording made.
If so please let us know.
Otherwise if you are in Europe one day I will attend the meeting.
I have advised many sportsmen…

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Tuesday Oct 30, 7 pm at UCSF N225

The Female Brain: Balancing Social Expectations and Personal Health

WOMEN achieve in many domains: at home, with their families, in their work, in caring for friends, and even with their appearance. Many times, women do not have the time or energy to care for themselves, or even to get enough sleep. This course will explore these unique pressures and investigate their origins,…


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The Female Brain, by Louann Brizendine

"In the spirit of a little peace, love, and understanding, guys need to read this book, which focuses on which parts of the female brain fire during what activities, and on the effects of hormones like progesterone,…


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Dr Louann Brizendine interviews Amy Tan, LIVE on Sept 27 in Palo Alto

Louann Brizendine interviews Amy Tan, LIVE Sept 27, Palo Alto

The beloved author Amy Tan joins us in a lively conversation about the intersection of science and creativity. She will be interviewed by Louann Brizendine, M.D., author of The Female Brain and The Male Brain.

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Dr Brizendine, "I drove him crazy!" the confession of a fan of THE FEMALE BRAIN

 I cannot express enough how fascinated I was with your books. The summer of 2011 will forever be coined 'the summer of the female brain' according to my boyfriend. It was all I quoted to him the entire season. I drove him crazy, although I think he secretly enjoyed it as well. :)

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check out 6 ways Sex affects your Brain

6 ways Sex affects your Brain

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Dads feel JILTED !!

Dads love betrayed

(CNN) -- As the song goes: "Summer lovin', had me a blast."

But for dads with daughters who are falling in love for the first time, it might be anything but a blast. Unless that KABOOM! is the sound of Dad's heart exploding in sadness.…


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Men and women: Different brains, same aims

From the New Scientist 2012: The sexes may be more alike than we thought. A startling new theory says that some of the disparities between our brains may be there to make us act the same

     SEVERAL years ago, the car I was driving was rear-ended by another at a stop sign. No one was hurt, but my passenger and I had to wait around to give a statement to the local police. Later on I asked my companion if he had noticed that the officer addressed most of the questions to him, even though…


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Triangulation: A New Dad's Best Strategy To Win Back A New Mom?

After orienting 300,000+ rookie dads-to-be over 22 years in Daddy Boot Camp, with 50,000+ veterans assisting (the real experts on new dads - rookies who return with their 3-6 month old babies), reading The Female Brain and The Male Brain was amazing. It helped explain the core issues faced by new dads, did so without spinning the results in terms of gender neutrality (i.e., men bring nothing unique to the table as dads), and opened the door to us rational men "fixing the problems"…


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Young women biologists at a Long Island, NY high school

A high school in Long Island, NY has some young, budding biologists that say: 'Dr. Brizendine uncovers the mysteries of the Female brain in seven insightful and entertaining chapters. The chapters go through the life of a female. Each chapter goes from the birth of the female brain to the mature female brain. This a must read for Women and Men across the globe.'…

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Things your doctor doesn't know much about...

Lack of Hormones and joint pain

Doctors know nothing about this and once the surgeon is done with you, they really don't want to hear your complaints...for me, this is embarrassing since i am a doctor and i know m profession is not doing a good job with this issue or lots of other issues about women's hormones and…


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