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The Female Brain, by Louann Brizendine

"In the spirit of a little peace, love, and understanding, guys need to read this book, which focuses on which parts of the female brain fire during what activities, and on the effects of hormones like progesterone, testosterone, and oxytocin on behavior. Seasoned dads might want to skip ahead to the enlightening section on the teenage brain. New dads might be interested in Chapter 5, “Mommy Brain.” “Dopamine is jacked up in the mommy brain by estrogen and oxytocin,” Brizendine writes. “This is the same reward circuit set off in a woman’s brain by intimate communication and orgasm.” In other words, there’s a very good neurological reason that mothers tend to be preoccupied with their newborns: when a woman gives birth, and later when she nurses, or even when she simply holds her baby, she gets a serious dose of the body’s natural pleasure drugs. The withdrawal symptoms that women often experience when separated from their babies, Brizendine says, isn’t so much a psychological issue as it is “a neurochemical state.”

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