Build Motivation to Lose Weight

Build Motivation to Lose Weight

7822005270?profile=RESIZE_710xMotivation is very important if we want to do anything. This also applies when we want to lose weight. If we want to manage to lose our weight we must have a strong motivation to lose weight. With having a strong motivation we can limit ourselves to eat too much food. Besides, with having a strong motivation we will get spirit when we exercise to lose our weight. So, when you want to lose your weight you must make some motivations and remember it in the process of lose your weight. Just like me, I also make motivations when I want to lose my weight

My main motivation to lose weight is my boyfriend. He always supports me in many things including when I told him that I wanted to lose my weight. I knew that actually he wanted to have a girlfriend with ideal body. That was why I wanted to make him happy with lose my weight. My other motivation is related to the health issue. Like we know, fat people have many risks related with health. That was why I thought with having thinner body I could be healthier.


Strong Motivation to Lose Weight  


In addition, my sister also becomes my motivation to lose weight. There are many people that compare my sister and me. My sister is having an ideal body and it seemed that she got more attention from everyone than me. Besides, she also told me that people with ideal body would not get tired easily just like me. Other than that, my sister also said that people with ideal body could do things faster than people with fat body. I already proved it, when I went to the mall with my sister it seemed that she had many energies to shopping all day.

My sister also can clean up her room faster than me. So, I finally got a strong motivation to lose weight. After that, I made a plan for my diet so that I could achieve my goal. I got some diet recipes on the websites and also from books. In addition, I also go to the gym regularly to burn my fat. Even I have my own personal trainer so that he can help me get the ideal body that I want. Other than that, I also stop eating junk food. I believe that I will get the ideal body soon because I already changed my lifestyle.

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